Scoopoint is not just a co-working space but it is a disruptive passion driven, interactive, collaborative, inspiring community & platform that makes exploring and discovering passion or ideas more personally meaningful. It is our aim to help people achieve their career and life aspirations. It is important for them to recognize that doing what they love with the right people is integral to their success. Scoopoint will encourage, educate and inspire creative individuals, startups to make their passion and ideas into reality with collaborative and sharing culture. In a mixture of relaxed suburb home living atmosphere and concentrated working environment, we create rooms between work and privacy in which innovation and creativity of travelers/locals can fostered, as they cowork together here. Doesn’t matter where you are from. Scoopoint is a great network platform to connect passionate people to make the ideas happen with our help in creativity, business experiences and connections. If you are from creative industry like advertising, branding, graphic design, ux/ui design, motion graphic, architect design, interior design, blogger, editor, marketing & sales, music, videographer, photographer, youtuber, etc all soft of creatives, then this is the community and co-working space for you to bring creativity to life by our collaboration and accelerator program & coaching program that will start and grow your business!

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